Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trouble with the curve

I finally sat down and watched Trouble With The Curve the other day, and I actually enjoyed the movie.  I love movies in general, I go about once a week.  I saw Man of Steel last week, World War Z yesterday.  I have no problem going by myself either, I just like to go.  I like to be moved, I like to be entertained.  Im not your typical critic, Patrick is better for that.  I don't know technical side of movies, or what goes into making the movie.  I just like to be entertained.

Anyway, so I watched this movie and actually pulled some parallels to my life...something else I like about movies.  Clint Eastwood names his daughter Mickey in the movie because his favorite player of all time was Mickey Mantle.  My father's favorite play was The Mick. Clint doesn't have a great relationship with his daughter, but he connects with her via baseball.  While it is a male dominated field, she loves being around it, because it allows her to be around her father.  My girls, whom I feel I have a much better relationship with than Clint did in his movie, have been heard saying "I don't care Daddy, as long as we are together."  It doesn't matter if we are grilling out, watching a ball game on TV, they just want to be around me.  This is nice, because it wont always be that way.   If you asked Reagan what her favorite movies are, Gone With The Wind would be number 1, The Princess Bride would probably be #2.  If you asked Caroline, #1 would be Pirates of the Caribbean #4, and her second favorite movie would be The Avengers.  Baylor Grace's favorite movie is The Patriot, followed by My Little Pony (not sure how that one got in there), and Ghostbusters.  I think I'm doing a decent job of exposing my girls to things Daddy likes, and showing them the fun movies can bring.

The curve ball has kept so many guys out of The League.  It has been said that the curve kept Castro from the Majors, and it was what kept Michael Jordan out of the Majors as well.  Could you imagine if Castro was a baseball player, or if MJ had never returned to basketball?  How different our world would be.  Its a tough pitch to hit, you have to have patience.  A good curve is going to fall off the end of a table, inpatient hitters swing too soon, and the ball isn't where they thought it was.  You have to stay back on it. Don't jump to conclusions, the ball wont be where you started swinging.  Life is like that.

Life throws you curveballs, too.  I never envisioned I would have 4 girls. I don't know what to do with girls, how to raise them.  I can only raise them with love and support, like my parents did me, and I have to let them know that its okay to like sports, history, pirates, superheroes, and ghost.  Yes, there is great trouble with a curve.  That's okay, the trouble is where there is growth.