Thursday, December 9, 2010

This is what is important

Here SHE is.  Baby girl #4.  I think this is a pretty good profile shot of her, she looked very healthy. I am not at all disappointed in the fact the she is a girl, I sort of expected it all a long.  I am disappointed that if we have no more- and there aren't any plans as of right now to have more- I never had a boy.  The Ayers name will die with me.  No boy to honor my father with by naming my son after him.  I think back to the time we thought we lost her, I said I didn't care what she was as long as she was okay, I mean that.  It will be a crazy time in this house with 4 girls.  One of the problems with another girl is while we may have all the clothes, we are out of names.  Brooke just wanted ONE girl, now we have so many we cant think of what to call her.

Like I said, I always wanted a boy to name him after my Dad.  I refuse to even think about naming my imaginary son after me.  I think that is sort of arrogant, especially if I am the first in the line to do so.  However, yesterday as I was trying to make it through another brutal work week, I was hit by a thought.  What if I named my daughter after me?  Brooke and I couldn't agree on a name we liked, so I floated the idea of naming her Blaine.  Its a name that could sorta go either way, a name I never use, a name Brooke likes.

What do y'all think?  I don't want her to be tormented all her life for having the name Blaine if it is going to do so.  I do sort of think it might be a cool story though.



  1. I think it's a wonderful name - obviously, since I picked it in the first place. When I picked the name Blaine the only living Blaine that I knew of at the time was a girl - but the name is applicable to boy or girl. Blaine Kathleen Ayers gets my vote. BTW I also think that you two have been chosen to have four girls for a good reason. You will raise them to be strong, smart, bold women. I am very proud of you all.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea. I think it's FANTASTIC!!! FABULOUS!!! and a bunch of other F words with positive connotations.

    Congrats on your new addition, I'm sure she'll be just as beautiful as the previous three, well 2.5, Baylor is kinda a bully but I'm sure the next one will whip her into shape. :)

  3. As you do I thank God every day for allowing me to be a Father. Yes, the Lord knew best and gave me a beautiful daughter and now you and Brooke are going to be Blessed for a fourth time. Whwn Jennifer started dating the D.I. in me came out and I scared a lot of young men away except for Bill my son n law.
    I think the name Blaine would be an outstanding name and your mother's suggestion of Kathleen for a middle name is great. I remember that there are a couple of beautiful actresses named Blaine. God has chosen you and Brooke to guide and direct the lives of four of his beautiful children. Whatever name y'all decide on will be perfect as they all have been and I know I have everyone's agreement that you and Brooke are and will continue to be special parents.

    God Bless,

  4. The first three are great, bring on number four-

  5. "The Ayers name will die with me."


  6. Blaine is a fine name for her.

    Patrick...hilarious comment.