Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Life is full of so many wonderful things- it is and would be a shame if we don't share.  I have started this blog to sort of share our journey with the people we care about.  Because of "life" we can't always be together and this is my way to bring us closer.  Facebook helps but it isn't always enough. So here is my attempt to let others in.  Thanks for coming along and I hope you enjoy our ride.

The title of my blog is "More Than All The Stars In The Sky."  If you are wondering where that comes from it is simple.  I can't claim it as original but it is a saying I have adopted.  Reagan and Carolina always say "Dad do you know how much I love you?"  I reply "how much?"  They always respond with a number, whatever is the largest number they can think of with their young minds.  For so long with Reagan it was "13!"  That was as high as she could count.  Now it is normally something like "20,37" or some abstract combination of numbers.  Carolina always responds with some number in the mid to high 20s.  For me there really is no way to adequately tell them how much I love them so I try and apply the same theory they use to show them in return.  I say "Girls, do you know how much I love you?" They say "how much!?"  I always say, "more than all the stars in the sky and the fishes in the sea."  Reagan then says, "that's a lot huh Dad?"  Yes Reagan, that is a lot. 


  1. just wanted to be the first to comment.
    Is this where you will announce daughter number 4?

  2. Stay tuned for lots of breaking news! :)