Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I admit, the video has NOTHING to do with my post.  So you can press play and continue to scroll down because I don't care about the video.  What I care about is the song.  This is a rare Garth Brooks song that he dedicated to his mother.  Unfortunately there wasn't a video released and most of the youtube videos are cover versions, not the Garth Brooks version. I am playing this song today and dedicating it to my mother because today is her birthday.  She has always been a guiding light for this family and for me personally.  I am so lucky she is my Mom, I won the parent lottery.  This (song) is for you Mom, Happy Birthday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Happy Place

Please listen to the song first before you read the blog.

The date was July 1st, 2011- almost a month ago now.  I was down in Nashville with my fam and we convinced my in laws to go "out" downtown with us.  Brooke and I love to do this with the girls and knew it might be an uphill battle because going to downtown Nashville isnt really Pop's cup of tea.  Surprisingly enough, they were pretty game at the idea.  We went to Margaritaville Cafe- Jimmy Buffett's restaurant on Broadway.  I of course, ordered a "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and thoroughly enjoyed it.  They really do make a great cheeseburger.  I am pretty confident that when Jimmy wrote the song, he envisioned eating a burger on a dock somewhere, surrounded by the ocean.  That was his paradise for which he devoured his cheeseburger. Or perhaps the cheeseburger is the paradise...or both. My happy place was a hot summer night, at his restaurant, in downtown Nashville.

It was a Friday of a long weekend, end of a fiscal year at work, and I was surrounded by people I love. Mentally I was in a pretty good place.  I can neither confirm nor deny that by the end of dinner Pops was working on his 6th Crown Royal.  Mentally he was in a pretty good place.  Everyone had a fantastic meal, and we were all enjoying the Jimmy Buffett music and videos that were playing inside the restaurant, even if it was a little loud.  We had just gotten our balloon animals from the balloon lady on stilts and the dinner was coming to a close when the above video came on.  Every third or fourth video they would play a song that wasn't by JB but in the same sort of family.  For some reason, with little regard to all those around us, we broke out into a spontaneous dance party to this song.  It was a song that has since been stuck in my mind and in my heart.  After this song, Margaritaville came on which required the entire place to stand up and dance.   So in reality we were just trend setters.  But for a few short minutes, not having a care in the world, not worrying if people thought we were fools, we all danced.  We all had a different girl in our arms, and we danced.  It was my paradise.  The only thing missing were some of the people I love back in Louisville, they would have loved to be there.  Other than that it was a near perfect evening.

After the cheeseburger in "paradise," we took a horse drawn carriage ride through downtown Nashville and then walked on the bridge across the river.  It was one of those nights that all other family nights from here on out will have to live up to.  And yes, I did have to drive Pops home.  Just last week I emptied out my wallet and with it, the receipt from that night.  I gasped at the total bill but then laughed because it was worth every penny.   

The REAL Captain America

This past weekend I went and saw Captain America.  I like going to the movies and like going by myself.  Believe it or not,  sometimes its more peaceful for me to watch a movie at the theatre than at my own house.  I have really enjoyed the Marvel Comic book movies as of late. If you read my blog there are a few things outside of my family that I love.  1) Anything about Amurca and 2) Anything with Amurca kicking ass.  So it should be no surprise that I was very excited for the Captain America movie.  I think he is probably my favorite "Super" hero.  It is a good thing he didn't play baseball, he wouldn't be elected to the Hall of Fame-stupid baseball writers. (That is a steroid joke...which is basically all Captain America was).

Anyway, after the movie I was reminded of a meeting I had with someone who is probably a real life Captain America.  One day we were having an issue with our cable so I called Insight and thankfully they were going to send someone right over.  A few hours later, a Chris Evans like character shows up at my door.  He looked "All American."  As he was working through the house, I noticed on his forearm he had the shield of Captain America tattooed. I thought he was a little old for comic books (sorry Patrick) and the movie was about a year away so I asked him about it.  I have always enjoyed the good patriotic symbol but was curious about this guy.  I'm sure he wasn't as educated as I was  (ha ha) so there probably wasn't a historical reference.  Probably just some nerd.  As it turns out, he was a Marine (he did look the part) who had just gotten back from Iraq. He proceeded to tell me about his Unit and a little about his time over there.  He was working at Insight as a part time job before he goes to Afghanistan.  He said he got the tattoo before he deployed the first time because as a Marine he felt he was protecting America and this symbol was to him, the perfect symbol.

I generally am humbled anytime I am in the presence of anyone who has served.  This was one of those times to the ENTH degree.  He was a recently married guy (only reason he was in Lexington was because wife was from here), a Marine, who already served in Iraq, and who was shortly going to Afghanistan.  I was proud of America that day, watching this movie reminded me of him and I was proud again.  I don't remember his name but often wonder how it all worked out for him.  I can only hope that there is a Divine shield around him when he is off at battle so that he and all his brothers (and sisters) in arms can come home and sell US Bonds, just like Steve Rogers.  

May God bless "Steve Rogers" and may God bless America.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. 9000

We are over 9000 views!  That is 1000+ in less than two months.  Thanks to everyone out there- although for the most part I am sure it is me, Mom, and Dad.

Poop can be your friend

I wanted to share with you a story I have picked up while working for SAE.  Every year I hear it while at Leadership School and during some prep for that today, I thought I would share with y'all. I don't at all claim originality but do hope you havent heard of it before.

There was a little bird who was preparing to fly south for the winter. For whatever reason he decided to hang back and let the large crowd of migrating birds go on ahead so that he could enjoy a nice peaceful flight with no headaches or traffic jams. Well, the time came and he began his trek down south. About halfway there he realized that he may have waited way too long to start his journey, it was getting cold. Fast. Soon after this he realized that his wings were becoming frozen in the air and he wasn’t able to move them very easily. Before he knew it he was heading STRAIGHT INTO THE GROUND.


There he lay, with frost all around on the ground and no way to fly, he was stuck. Hope was lost. Suddenly a large female cow lumbered over to where the bird was, the bird was so depressed from his predicament he didn’t tweet or even try to move as the cow walked right over top of him. The bird then realized something…the cow was about to release some processed grass right on top of him! Before he could react a huge pile of cow shelt was pelting him all over his body. The stench was terrible. Tired, pride destroyed, and now covered in dung the bird thought he had officially reached rock bottom. About this time the bird realized something amazing, the warmth of the fresh crap was melting the ice on his wings!! Soon he would be able to fly again…if only he could get all this poop off of him.

He began to tweet and sing with all of his might, he tweeted and tweeted and tweeted until his little voice was almost gone…but the ice was almost gone too. So he gave it one last trumpet of sound and heard help approaching, he turned to find his savior. A barn cat. The cat quickly devoured the little bird.

The point of the story?
1. Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy
2. Not everyone who helps you is your friend
3. If youre perfectly happy in a pile of poo, keep your mouth shut!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sunday Stroll

Sometimes, a leisurely stroll through the Zoo is all you really need. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

I dont get it...

I admit, I don't get it.  The amount of people who are genuinely sad about the last movie of HP being released, I don't get it.  There are so many adults, graduates from college (some with multiple degrees), married, kids, whatever- who are sad about the ending of this series.  I never liked it- I saw 15 minutes of the first movie and hated it and just didn't understand why so many people- nerds- were into these books.  People I love and respected too, Mom, Patrick, Brooke Ward (who is an awkward fanatic about the series), and even my Brooke at one time.  One of the books was released during our Honeymoon and Brooke spent much of her time reading that book..... Anyway, people I really respect are into it and I just cant fathom why?  I see so many people talking about how they grew up on these books and have invested 12 years of their life (or whatever it is) and now they don't know what to hold on to.  I generally respond with maybe something you know...for adults?  Regardless, I love to tease all the dorks who are seriously into this dude. I once met a very attractive girl who had Harry's lightening bolt tattooed on her ankle...not hot.  What degree is Harry getting at Hogwarts anyway, his PhD?  I mean seriously, this thing has taken forever and Harry must be like 35.   I saw on the news and read in the paper about so many grown ups who let their inner dorkiness out and dressed up for this movie last night and were crying when it was over...seriously crying.  What is wrong with you people? 

But then I thought about how many kids/teenagers/young adults spent their summers reading these books.  Many of these books were 700+ pages.  To me, that is the power of Harry Potter.  Even if I don't appreciate the subject matter, I can get behind the fact that so many people were reading books that would have otherwise been sitting around doing nothing productive, hating their life, and probably being angry at their father for something.  While I prefer books that will educate you about our past, the act of reading anything does make you smarter so for that I can respect the HP books.  I am not sure I have had any "fantasy world" aspect of my life that I cared as deeply about in the same way as these Potter nerds care about Harold.  They have now had 7 books and 8 movies to invest in, something that may never be matched again.  So while I don't get it and like to poke fun, I totally respect the fact that many of these fans spent a lot of their time reading these very long books.  Good for them. 

I for one am glad it is over and not really sorry to see "part of their childhoods ending." I guess I am strange too.  While kids were reading Harry Potter, as a kid I was reading Killer Angels and wishing I had been born in 1835 (as opposed to being a student at Hogwarts).  So to each their own.  Don't be sad that it is over, be thankful that you had something you view as so powerful to be such a part of your life.  You were reading books about wizardry and trying to figure out who you were in this world, while many of us were out getting laid stood on the outside looking at you thinking.....WTF?

Anyway, I've spent too long on this topic and must get back to watching The Empire Strikes Back for the 178th time. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have to admit I have a healthy crush on Hope Solo.  I don't think I am alone in this, I think most heterosexual males have the hots for her.  The thing is, she isn't the only hottie on the team.  There are a few really good looking girls on this years women's World Cup team.  Even down to the youngest girl on the team, Alex Morgan (and her pink sports bra)- who scored her first goal today during the beating of France (which is always good).

I also admit that it doesn't matter what the sport or game is, if it is America I will pull for us.  I get even more excited when we do well and have a chance at winning.  After all, we are Amurca, the greatest country on earth.  I love this team, still hate the game of soccer, and it honestly has little to do with how good they look.  I love how they play. As a coach, they really get me fired up to watch them.  They play so hard and so well.  They could really show the men a thing or two if nothing else, how to play with heart. Something the men's team totally lacked when Mexico spanked us.  Plus, they never give up, you can never count them out.  They play so well it makes a boring game go by fast and is entertaining to watch.  I swear, I would have Abby Wambach play for any team I coach.  She is very inspiring with the way she plays and leads that team.  She is a total monster out there.  To be honest, all of this makes me a little more excited to have 4 girls.  Most women's sports do not translate well to tv or translate at all.  It is slower, less exciting, and if there is any emotion- it just seems fake.  Not this team.  I don't know if my girls will ever grow up and play for a world cup team but now I know that my girls have some athletes to look up to,  just as I did as young boy. 

Sunday, 2 PM is the time that we take on Japan for the World Cup title.  I highly recommend you all check it out- they are something to watch.  You go girl(s).  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a long strange trip it's been.....

This trip starts on April 19th when Brooke and I went to the hospital unsure if we were going to have Hadley then or not.  It was a roller coaster day but on the next day our new bundle of joy was with us.  Mimi and Pops stayed about a week, we celebrated Baylor Grace's birthday, then I had to fly up to Chicago for work.  After about a week and half home, we went for a long weekend in Nashville.  I had to go to Memphis for work that weekend.  That long weekend turned into almost the rest of May.  Brooke's grandfather passed away and she had to go to Boston for the funeral. I stayed back in Nashville with the big girls.  We came home at the end of May for about a week and half before we left on Vacation for 10 days.  Valdosta, Longboat Key, Disney, then home just in time for Fathers Day.    We were home for another week and half during which time Mimi and Pop came up (with KiKi) for Carolines birthday.  We left again on June 29th for Nashville and just got home yesterday.  During that time I went to Memphis again for work and back.  I'm not sure I can find my way around this house, I haven't really been here in a few months.

It has been an absolute whirlwind since Hadley was born. We have been all over the place for work and for pleasure.  The greatest thing about it is we have been together.  I wouldn't wont it any other way and it is those times that helps me get through the hard times with work during the year.  I need to thank Mom and Dad for watching the dog.  Mimi and Pops for putting up with us and having their electric and water bills skyrocket because of our stays.  Brooke Ward for going on vacation with us, and anyone else along the way who has made these past few months as good as they were.

What a long strange trip it has been.....and I guess it never really ends.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates.....

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I am currently in Memphis working our Fraternity Convention.  You can expect of course that I miss my girls and wish that we were that we were together.  Having said that, it appears as thought they are having a good time without me.

and drinking......Reagan looks like she is having too good of a time (just like her Mom in college).

Monday, July 4, 2011

My most patriotic moment

On this 4th of July I have been thinking about what it means to be to me part of this great nation. What was my most patriotic moment...???  I have never worn the uniform of those who protect this nation. I couldn't begin to imagine what that moment is like when you put that uniform on for the first time.  I was born in the country to parents who were born in the country.  Being a citizen of America has always just been assumed.  But I have to say, I feel I have had a pretty patriotic moment.

In the year 2001 myself and 3 of my fraternity brothers decided to go to the first George W. Bush Inauguration. There were a lot of cool moments those few days starting with when we pulled up to the hotel and the paparazzi started snapping pictures of us.  We were staying in the same hotel where the official Presidential Ball was (Black tie and Boots Ball), so they assumed we were someone famous.  We also had somewhat backstage access because another fraternity brother worked for the new VP.  Meeting Robert Duvall was cool- he is much smaller than I imagined.  Meeting Troy Aikman was neat, he was much bigger than I imagined.  Condi, Dick, even Bush were all kind with a handshake and a brief conversation.  NONE of that beats the one moment with my fraternity brothers that brought one of them to tears. 

We are walking around the day of the Inauguration and the staff is getting all the different ballrooms together. Again, normal folks couldn't be where we were but we had special lapel pins that gave us clearance.  We don't notice anything too special in the rooms, or anyone too special until we get to one at the end of the hall. Inside we hear someone playing the Lee Greenwood song, Good Bless the USA.  We were shocked because it seemed like someone had the CD cranked way up.  We pop our heads in to see what was going on and to our amazement there was no CD playing but Lee Greenwood was up on stage, singing the song, doing a sound check.  We looked like deer in headlights but as he was singing he sort of waved us in.  We were the only other people, in this huge ball room, with Lee Greenwood singing one of the most "Fratastict" songs ever.  So the four of us stood there, right in front of the stage, arms around each others shoulders.....and sang a long.  By the end, one of my friends was in tears- something he did almost every time that song was sung.  To be there with Lee (I guess we were on a first name basis at that point) himself, singing that song to us, for the upcoming celebration of the was pretty damned cool.  Probably the most patriotic moment of my life. This was all before 9/11 and everyone had an unknown since of naivety at that point. A lot has changed since then and an innocence is sort of lost but I think the song holds true more now than it did then.

I have since learned what the first verse of the song really means...and the older I get the more I can appreciate it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Your Three Words

Good Morning America does a segment that I love called "Your week in just three words."  I am a sucker for these clips.  The clips that deal with Cancer and the military get me every time.  I have thought seriously about sending a clip in...what do you think? Should I?  Anyway, I wondered what some of y'all would say if you only had three words to say it?  Let me know in the comments section and who knows, maybe you will see my three words on GMA some weekend.